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Monday, November 24, 2014

Book Review: Rapture by Lauren Kate

I gave this book a 5 star bc i likes the ending. Was it cliche, not really. I did get bored from the beginning to maybe midway thru the book. Whats a review w/o spoilers?  Was turns out, Luce's boring trip to her past and the millions of lifetimes shes met w Daniel from book three play a significant part to her memory in this book. If you didn't chopply read it like i did you would have made some connections. I enjoyed Miss Dee. She was a joy to read, fresh even, to their long journey to save the angels past and to break their curse. I would have never pictured God veiling as a woman but then i dont have much opinion there. Ok, now i know why Lucifer did what he did. To me its a far fetched story line but what's cool is their name being similar but then im not sure if its cool or obvious thats why God would make a lover out of Luce and Lucifer. Intent or not. Daniel meets Luce in Heaven and then after a brief sob story from her they kiss? And in love? My review may not back up my 5 stars but like i said i liked the ending and i like Dee. So Daniel and the other Angels all knew about Luce but no one could say a word about her use to be an Angel bc why? Was it a curse God put on them when they fell to not speak a word of het past? Bc she had to figure her life out on her own. So why the secrecy?  Intentional? A vow? Another angels curse? Something happens if they revealed it? I got a little either sidetracked bc i was confused and trying to figure out how or why and kept reading while thinking or i kept on expecting a direct answer or clue somewhere and never found it or missed it. 
So all in all Luce was punished to Earth, to figure out / pent for her mistakes and learn from them with angels all around her w the answers but she wouldny understand them unless she figured it out herself and she has to also grow up somehow from dumbfounded to "aww" to be an Angel again. And in the end she chose Daniel again and once again and for the last time she has to learn to love him all again. But thats a given quest since he's already super hot w violet eyes and shes not bad herself.  thats the way God intended it to be. A Happily Ever After. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Book Review: At Any Moment by Brenna Aubrey

If you're into a series w a sexy love but a great story, characters that grow and every feeling you can run through your head written on the page. Like how "Adam runs his hands through his dark sexy hair," then yes! A 3 books series worth reading for a dose of someone else's love story.

To me this is a love story. And in this book AAM (At Any Moment) BA (Brenna Aubrey) does an awesome job with the details of what's going through Mia's mind.., How Adam is dealing and struggles as well. Told through Adam and Mia's POV. If you're reading AAM you know Mia is suffering and I give her credit for being so strong but yet so weak to realize how much she needs her loved ones, to let them in and care for her. It's very disheartening but sad n happy at the same time. Adam who has this internal war w himself because he doesn't know how to deal with the situation at hand. He's conflicted on how to love her physically so he keeps his distance, keeps Mia at an arms reach but during her stay with him that only fuels her self pity and in the end she has to leave back to Anza. In here you'll see Mia and Adam struggle as a couple who has to face life and death situations. Their love together is strong yet gentle, sometimes just a stroke of a butterflies touch is reassuring for the other. But sometimes unspoken words fuel that internal turmoil and their doubts put a damper on how they proceed.
It's a romance novel where you meet whitty and attractive new n old characters. The best part is the story line and how everything flows smoothly. Some characters don't grow as much while others move on with their life. The love making is intense with the descriptions to make you whimper. You'll find yourself crying along with the frustrations and laugh along with the gang. In the end they all find their place and as Mia and Adam's story comes to an end, I do appreciate and love how BA doesn't rush the ending. You know the book is ending as you read but when you read you'll be guessing how it'll end. As your anticipation multiples and your reading and pulse speeds up, the story still flows smoothly. And you're left wanting more, what happened?! But yes, a good ending.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

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