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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Halloween Deals at TARGET

This week's (9/28 - 10/4) Halloween deals (some I found) at Target. I promised yday ..

New mobile coupon for this week ends 10/4.
It wasn't as good at last wk's Cartwheel deal but it is a discount non-the-less. 

Plus 13 Halloween coupons in Cartwheel 

.. I delivered! Enjoy. 

Sephora Beauty Deals

I somehow stumbled upon this page looking for something or clicked on something. Who knows, I can't remember but these are awesome n you gotta take advantage of these deals if you decide to spend at least $25 at Sephora. Some are online, others are in-store as well. 

All deals are found at Happy Shopping!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

BEST Costume Deal Target

This is Jace's 3rd Halloween and I feel so bad I didn't really get him a costume the first 2 yrs. I did dress him up as a basketball player on his first Halloween but it was last minute n he had that outfit already. I took too long to decide what to dress a baby at 7 months. We didn't go Trick-or-Treating because I wasn't going to start giving him candy and he wasn't old enough to enjoy or understand the festivities of the holiday. But I did dress him up n took pictures. Issues is all I gotta say. But this yr I did well and did it before October arrived. 
Costumes always comes before October does and so did a very good deal at Target. If you are using Cartwheel from Target then you're in luck w extra discounts some people don't know about.
So shopping at Target, us crazy ones like to "stack deals" and some of us go crazy when there are tones of sales, clearance and coupons included. For me I'm not so crazy because I have this brain-fart that always happens on the day of and when I'm at Target. I don't know why it happens but when I do remember I get really good deals. 
So today I was in luck! 
There wasn't a huge selection of baby/toddler size costumes. But I found one that was Clary's size and approved by my Hubby. 
In-store this outfit is $30. I hate looking for price scanners so I used my Target app n checked the price there, n what I found is a "temp price cut" down to $22.49. Before that I happened I was already determined to get both Jace n Clary a costume n use my Cartwheel deal which expires today. Lucky me the limit was two outfits n I only needed two. 
I do feel bad for anyone reading this post because this is after the fact as in you can't cash in this deal because the stores are already closed and the deal ends today. I'm sorry, maybe next time when I'm more aware n sharing I'll definitely share before a good deal expires. 
So back to the happy dance. I went to the Customer Service area and "matched their online deal, as well as use my cartwheel deal. Here's the happy receipt..
And I used my REDCard so I got a lil more of a discount. 
So that was awesome!
Btw, I got Jace a Spider-Man costume. regular price $17 plus 40% off that. Since I didn't have to match price I just added the costume to my regular checkout. 
But MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  Proud momma now hopes they will fit their costume on Halloween night. 😜 Thanks for sharing my happiness. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Indoor compost

I've read a few articles and pins on compost. Well I started my own lil version in the backyard. It's getting there. I read how some people are having issues w the smell collecting the compost in the house. Well for a starter I'm skeptical about harboring scraps in the kitchen when my hubby has a sensitive nose. 
So I know you're suppose to put anything natural as in fruits and vegetable, peels and the likes. When I have takeouts from Asian restaurants that uses the 32oz plastic containers for soupy stuff I save them. That's my indoor compost bin collector. 
 Lately there hasn't been any scraps like onions or garlic or other stinky stuff. Lately there's been mint, lemon and orange peels, apple peels, their seeds, etc.  so my indoor compost smells good. It's been about 3 days n so far so good. Yes I still put the lid on it but not tightly closed. 
I read to prevent stinky indoor composting you need to take it out everyday. Do what you need but I think some lemon n orange peels/scraps helps out w the smell if you aren't going to make a daily trip to the outside composting bin. Plus I think natural scraps don't smell unpleasant, just the cooked rotting foods that don't belong does. I compost coffee n tea leaves in a separate container since it's a seperate layer of compost. All in all that's my post. When you propagate your herbs, there's no waste there unless you don't intend to use the plucked leaves. I do and my most useful technique make my life a lil easier. See a seperate post for the propagated mint use in beverages. 

Preserving from Propogation

9/15 - update.. Here's a recent photo of my drink upgrading to a 32oz. Pushing quite a bit so ican push myself to drink more water. I also added cucumber, raw mangos and apples along w the usual orange, lemon n mints. 

I'm quite the tea n coffee drinker. I drink tea and coffee almost equally all the time. I have a cappuccino every morning not for the energy or wake up call but for the first taste of coffee n milk. When I eat out, I always prefer iced tea or hot tea (preferable chrysanthemum (at Chinese restaurants) or rose hot tea (the best one only at the Banana Leaf restaurant on Bellaire)).  I wouldn't mind just ice cold water w a lemon wedge but it does get boring and at times juice is just too much flavor for a beverage and I'm really cutting down my coke consumption bcuz of all that unhealthy sugar.  Weird right? Well that's my very particular taste bud for drinks!

At home for a nice quench I mix my ice water w some lil essentials from my fridge and mini garden. 

After propogating mint leaves I usually clean them, then put them in water in a tall Starbucks clear cup w a dome top and fridge it. They'll last a few weeks in the fridge, still fresh in its cold water bath until I use them. 

This is my mini kitchen window nursery for propagated plants like mints, basil and Vietnamese coriander. Bad photo I know but I can't see the plants on the other side of this cool window and it's so bright outside even inside light doesn't help. It is all located under the top cabinets too so that doesn't help at all w lights. I could put the plants on the counter for a better photo but I didn't think of it when I took the picture yesterday.

I usually upcycle things like Starbucks cups n such and then recycle them later. Many uses include: fridge mint leaves in water, planter cup, other small drinks, etc. Anyways this is my refreshing version of iced water.. 

- My Starbucks tumblr w 1/3 of ice
- Mint leaves
- lemon wedge
- frozen blackberries
You can use whatever fixings you want. I like lemon or orange wedges for a citrusy kick, mint leaves for the cool aroma, frozen black berries bcuz it's not too mushy and it acts like an fruity icecube. Make it in any order and then topped off w crushed ice. I use cubed ice at the bottom so my ice lasts longer and crushed iced on top bcuz I like to eat the ice. 


Ps. Why some much non-sense on such a simple drink? Simple! Authors like to describe and explain, it makes the post more interesting. If not, there's always recipe websites that have only ingredients and rather plain explanations w no humor or character. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mini Garden Update

Been attending to my mini garden since the beginning of summer. A lot has moved on either died or replanted elsewhere but it's still full of greenies.
- Avocado from seed reached 6 inches

- Yu Chois regrown from grocery store packs are flowering lil white beauties

- Scallion leaves grown fm scallion butt, tallest about 15inch

- Onion leaves grown fm yellow onion a lil sad short bc I've been clipping some for dinner

- Garlic leaves grown from garlic cloves needs some TLC, looks pale n slowly dying. I've only trimmed it once but it's probably showing me stress. 

- My tomatoes fm seed are growing but not yet fruiting

- Vietnamese Coriander is getting taller. All propagated from a cut bunch.

- Mints are multiplying, propogating for a new pot next door to it

- Sweet basil from seed mixed w Thai basil from propogating

- my Kitchen propogating nursery (which includes basil and mints)

All in all I'm kept busy everyday w my lil ones and my mini garden along w other chores and projects I try to squeeze in.  My window garden is usually resting on the guess room window where there's light all day. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Brag-about-it Product

Haha, weird post huh! Well not really. Especially if I find a product I love that I can brag about. Yeh, a toilet cleaner. So many out there. I thought my choices were just what my mom used; bleachy solutions that stings the eyes, nose n conscious. Once I moved into my own home and had two lil ones of my own, I told myself only baby safe products. I've tried so-called "all natural solutions."  No matter what the rave was about, how many other people have swore by, how many repins, especially the $$ savings wise, w pictures that to me don't say much, nothing is what it is. Tried them, most is not worth the extra time to go buy the safer ingredients for (ex: borax, washing soda, Castile soap, etc.) I just don't have the $$ to waste and especially the time. My point is I've tried a lot of them n even repinned a handful myself but found very few that even worked as claimed. So I've just decided to try safe/all natural / already on the shelves solutions that I'm pretty sure the company has done their research on. So that one product that I'm loving right now is the toilet cleaner by Method. Anyone can read any reviews but when you actually try a product a few times "your way" you find what is best.

So here's my way:
Info: I use this not only in the toilet but in my sink n tub where there's a pink or yellow stain from use. 
- Apply the cleaner just under the toilet seat where the water come from. Make sure the stains are covered in the solution; that's usually right where the water stops.
- Then this is the waiting game where I leave it alone and go do other stuff like clean the rest of the house, run errands, or just clean the rest of the restroom while waiting. 
- Before I start the scrubbing process I boil water. (Boiled water to me kills anything and hot water itself helps lift a lot of stains wether soft or hard.)
- Pour the the hot water in the bowl and use the toilet wand n do the duty. 
Once done just flush. 
I use all the same steps for the sink n tub w the stains but I squally do as I c the stains or all at once if I got the chance. 
I don't clean often n I admit eww on my part but I'm a busy stay-at-home mom. Unless you're fully dedicated to two babies under 2 yrs of age and actually try to squeeze in mini hobbies and selfy times, you wouldn't know chores is not a weekly thing at all. I do what I can when I can. Well that's my brag-about-it product! Enjoy!  
Ps- I obviously didn't invent the product, I bought it:
- based on all natural or so called ingredients, I'm no scientist to say otherwise
- smells great
- baby friendly
- I've tested it
- and I got it on sale!

Saturday, September 6, 2014