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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Functional Upcycling

This is a Marie's Ranch dressing bottle from the salad section in the grocery store. The Lavazza coffee comes in a foul package so I restored it in here. 
Benefit? Glass container, wide opening for your choice of utensil to dispense the coffee grounds. It seems airtight enough. 

Talenti Gelato icecream pint comes in a plastic material with a wide open ring as well. Spring cotton balls. Love love love the dark chocolate brown print, goes so well with the super white cotton balls. 

This is two candle glass tops off its previous containers. They just happen to fit together like top n bottoms. The top is also upside down. You can reverse it but it looks nice this way n the little nook inside which usually has a rubber/plastic seal is now holding rings while the bottom holds watches/bracelets/ or more rings. Looks classy than a typical jewelry holder. 

They all look like they were made for the functions I utilize them for. Awesome!

There's way more things you can upcycle for no cost at all. Just gotta get creative. 

Sure, you might become a mini pack-rat or whatever the term used to discrinate us but it's a savy talent unrecognized unless from similar observers. 

Practical Funnel

Plastic water bottle

Cut into the empty water bottle. However tall or short you want the funnel to be. Make a clean cut so you don't have plastic pieces falling into the substance you're transferring. 

The bottom bottle was a honey bottle and I'm just reusing it as a condense milk dispenser. Practical, useable. The honey bottle cap has a tiny spout so it was the perfect choice, especially the right size for a regular size can of milk. 

I have 2 plastic funnels for different purposes but this was just an experiment and specifically because the spout was wide for a faster easier flow n it's short so it doesn't dunk too low into the bottle. If you ever handle condense milk it's thick n towards the end it flows slow. The water bottle funnel is wide and sturdy enough to hold the can while I did other stuff. 
When done n cleaned the plastic bottle funnel and the milk can gets recycled so it's a win win, no waste here.