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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cassandra Clare's Favorite Reads at Barnes and Noble

Found a list of some books Cassie likes to read from This list is very important to me. She is an awesome author and when an awesome author likes certain books, it's a "MUST-READ!" I haven't been disappointed yet.

For example, I read Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga and you can't be more impressed and in love with vampires and when Stephenie Meyers listed a few books on her website and Cassie's books were amongst the list, that's how I discovered another favorite author! It's a contagious "good" disease that is a MUST-READ urge and you devour will anything they like or touch!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

CP Read A Long Ch7

Today's discussion is about: Chapter 7 - The Curse
  • When Will first started talking to Magnus, he said, "Jem is my greatest sin." What do yo make this comment? Do you think he really feels that way?
  • Oh Will! My heart totally broke for Will in this chapter upon finding out about the demon, his curse and his sister. Now everything makes sense with why he acts the way he does. Why he pushes those he loves away. Why the thinks he is unloveable, is poisonous, is cursed. Do you think the demon cursed Will? Who do you think is behind the message the demon gave him?
  • I love Magnus in this chapter. Aside from Jem, I feel like Magnus sees through to who Will really is. Much like Jem, he can at least reason with Will when there's no chance in talking hope into him. I love the question Magnus asks Will, "Are you not concerned with me?" Do you guys think Magnus loves him or does Magnus, like he admitted to himself, just have a weakness for blue eyes and helping the desperate?


WOW, I thought of that and I'm still baffled. I can't really say what Will's trying to say, hmm .. Maybe bc I don't fully understand that full/underlined meaning of "sin." But from what I can guess, Jem is someone he loves and also regrets. He loves Jem, above everyone else at the London Institute. He's been caring for Jem and both are parabatais with the connection and understandability that no one else will ever understand. When Will says "Jem is his greatest sin," it could also mean he will and can do, or give anything for or to Jem. Jem comes first wether his love for Tessa is strong, his love and bond for Jem is stronger. Will knows Jem will die of his illness but bc he already is, and with Will's curse and all, with Will's undying love and affection for Jem, it won't be Will's fault that Jem could die bc of his love. I think Will feels many things. He seems tormented inside. Jem is the only person Will can love without directly killing him as a result of his curse.

I think if there's any constellations to it, it could be a legit curse. But through reading all of TMI series, I haven't heard or read of such. The most unexplainable are the sightings of Valentine and Raphael and their projections, like how does that work if they don't use technology like that OR DO THEY!!!!!!!! Magic from the warlocks? Never heard of demons casting curses before or they all or some would of done such already. And we would of heard or read of any mentions from Cassie. It wouldn't be something new in CP, but TID series is a 'prequel' so this is probably an intro of something or some sort. Btw, Will was only 12, could you blame him for not being so rational in what's believable or not? The message could mean anything or just babble but if we're seriously discussing.. I think it could be a message from Mortmain himself. I still believe Will's father had some dealings with the Shades and the demon who cursed Will could be working with Mortmain or was or was captured by Will's father when the demon was dealing with Mortmain or the Shades. That's probably why Will's family is a target of Mortmain's.

I think with all the constant dealings with a beautiful creature like Will, Magnus has curved a soft spot in his heart for Will. He's come to care for him, Magnus has even said it himself or thought to himself (pg 138-139) "He was really going to have to do something about this annoying softhearted impulse to assist the desperate, Magnus thought. That, and his weakness for blue eyes." ^_* I think anyone like Tessa, Jem or Magnus with the constant interactions and dealings with Will and his emotions and feelings and anything related to Will, you grow to love and accept him and see through all his flaws and imperfection. I love Will too! ^_^¥

CP Read A Long Ch6

Today's discussion is about: Chapter 6 - In Silence Sealed

  • Hello plot twist! I was not excepting Cecily to be Will's sister, though it was obvious, based on his reaction in the previous chapter, that she was someone important to him. What are your thoughts with this new revelation? What do you make of Will's comments on the train ride back saying his sister is dead?
  • What do you think Mortmain is trying to keep secret with his past, that he's threaten Will's family and the Shadowhunters?
  • I'm beyond curious of the powers Tessa's angel has. Do you have any guesses as to why it only seems to work against Mortmain and his creations?

It's awesome to know Will isn't alone, that he still has a lil sister. He still has a family where as when Tessa first heard, it s a bit of a tear in the heart for her bc she had lost both her parents, her loving aunt and her evil-so-called brother. I don't think Will mentioned about his family much to anyone so for him to say his sister is dead and for Cecily to be at that manor is twisting thoughts in everyone's mind. Is she, or isn't she dead? Why is she there? Is he trying to say but just left Tessa and Jem with a cliffhanger to Will's mysterious family?

Mortmain's secret could be the answer to his diabolical plan. OR something that has to do with the reparations. His plan is carefully planned, it even comes with automaton spies and warriors that work for him. Whatever he's up to, he's definitely going to destroy the Shadowhunters or take them down with him and ALL who's involved. Maybe because of Will's dad--that he use to be part of the Shadowhunter world or have any dealings with his parent's murder--or that Mortmain found a vulnerable family that's connected to the Shadowhunters still (W I L L) and is also one of the stronger Shadowhunters. Maybe it's all a whole London drama that needs its own reality tv, lol. Love the suspense and the mystery and the clues here and there.

Tessa's angel is a huge mystery to me, or a nagging one at best whenever she has dealings with the automatons. I keep thinking she's THE PERFECT automaton that Mortmain or his parents' has ever built, a birthed one OR OR something scientifically or genetically altered with robots. Idk, so cool to assume! Her angel could also be the key Mortmain needs to perfect his automatons and hasn't realized its her angel and not her that he needs, idk!

I really don't know how she's gonna end this series with CP2 when there's so much to uncover and deal with!

CP Read A Long Ch5

Today's discussion is about: Chapter 5 - Shades of the Past

  • "Shall we go in, my betrothed?" Jem said softly in her ear. Who else sighed over this moment? I also love Will's reaction to Jem and Tessa acting like they're betrothed.
  • I loved that Will was the one to come and wake Tessa from her nightmare. I don't know about you guys, but that moment between the two of them had me yelling at her to just kiss him. What do you guys make of Tessa's nightmare? Do you think there's some relevance to it or was just that, a nightmare?
  • Who do you think Cecily is? *if you've read CP before and know the answer, who did you think she was the first time you read about her?* It's obvious from Will's reaction to seeing the young girl she's someone who's connected to his past.
Cindy Pham March 3, 2013 at 12:18 AM
On pg 87, second half, Will wanted Tessa be pretend to be the one falling madly in love w him, not agreeing to be Jem's fiancée. Will already showed a disagreement when Tessa felt that he was watching her when the train headed into the dark tunnel. (I felt it too) Though Will never seems to take what Jem wants and doesn't say otherwise. And on pg 90, when Will says Tessa needs a ring if she were to be Jem's fiancé, not thinking Jem had one prepared but hoping he can turn the situation around and have Tessa as his fiancé because he was actually wearing his Herondale ring. (Think about it, seems like that's what Will was trying to aim for). But when Jem called Tessa as his betroth, I definitely sighed. It's cute. Jem said it w/o hesitance, naturally like they really were, as though Jem already accepted his play date as for real.

I think Tessa's nightmare was hinting at her of what might of happened from lost memories or what might happen but vaguely hinting or maybe, maybe a glimpse of what could be. When it comes to Cassie and her awesome world where we are trying to keep one foot in our world to stay alive and another to be lost in hers.. I wouldn't doubt for one second she could be hinting us something that might happen in CP2. Cassie is awesome like that. Like she's mentioned before when she gives her characters so many problems/reasons/history, anything relevant and carries on it could mean its important (if you guys get what I'm trying to say or I'm the only one in this cloud).

The first time i read of Cecily, I thought she was the sister he lost (ok, this might be very confusing for me bc I don't want to give away any spoilers to the new readers also bc I read all of CP and ch1 of Cp2, so I may have all my infos jumbo'ed up somehow (pretty much what I read I'm not sure when and where or from which chapter or what book, lol)). So I'm sorry first if I did/will spill anything. A pardoned oopsie I hope ^_^¥. I don't rmbr when or if Will ever gave us by memory (his POV) or to anyone about his past. I don't rmbr if he mentioned the sister who past away or the living one who's grown up. I think before when I first read, she could of been an ex lover and wondered before that (practically leaped to conclusion) that Tessa could get super jealous.

P.s. I think the quote beginning on ch4 is about the mention of Will and Jem's parabatai explanation starting from the last part of pg91.

CP Read A Long Ch4

Today's discussion is about: Chapter 4 - A Journey

  • I find the quotes Cassie's uses with each chapter fascinating and fitting given they often give us a hint about what we can find in each chapter. I love the quote w/ this chapter, "Friendship is one mind in two bodies."- Meng-tzu I immediately thought of Will and Jem. In this chapter we learn what means their bond, parabatai, means. Why do you feel it was significant for us to better understand Will and Jem's bond?
  • I love Will and Tessa's bantering in this chapter. I've read/re-read CP a few times now, but on this re-read it dawned me, that even though Tessa loves both Jem and Will, I can finally see the differences in that love she has for both guys. It's the different ways she displays her mannerisms towards both Jem and Will up to this point, that made me see that. Has anyone else picked up on that?
  • I have to admit I'm a little surprised over Gideon's comments to his brother Gabriel in talking about Charlotte and why they're there. Up until this point I haven't much cared for either of them, but I'm curious to get to know more about Gideon. What do you guys think about him?
  • What do you make of Jem telling Tessa about Shadowhunter marriages? I feel like there's a reason why Jem felt the need to explain how they work, and how a Shadowhunter could ever marry a mundane, given the chance that, that would ever happen.

Will and Jem's bond is kind of a mystery. They're quite the opposite and frankly Charlotte wasn't sure if Will would open up to anyone, let alone a boy from Shanghai. But as the story goes on, we will probably encounter more than just the meaning or maybe deeper means of being a parabatai. We may know the meaning but maybe this parabatai thing is much deeper than just the meaning itself. Will and Jem are very close in a way that only they both understand. Maybe because Will had a curse and Jem is dying that their bond goes beyond parabatai.

I've picked up the different affection Tessa has for Will and Jem. Cassie does an exceptional job in each emotional description wether displayed on their faces or what goes through their minds. I watch their feelings unfold. It's like you can see the exact way Tessa acts and feels towards each guy individually and when they are all in the same room together. When she chooses, I hope she chooses for LOVE.

Gideon seems like the more mature, nice guy who isn't clouded by gossips and rumors or prejudice. He doesn't seem as open as well; like he's holding something back and the way he speaks to his brother about the reason that he's back is for Gabriel.. He's definitely hiding something. Maybe he really cares for his lil brother, maybe something has happened and he's trying to protect Gabriel.

Given the fact of how they look at each other, and to us how they feel about one another, I think Jem's hinting to marriage as a possibility. It's not impossible, it's just difficult knowing the circumstance (Jem's dying and Tessa can't have children if she's actually a warlock of some sort) and all between both parties and the Shadowhunter world.

CP Read A Long Ch3

Today's discussion is about: Chapter 3 - Unjustifiable Death

  • What are your thoughts on Sophie? There's something about her in chapter 2 that made my heart break for her, as well as love her more than I previously had.
  • Jem is seriously killing me, and in a good way. I've always adored him, but loved Will. There's something about Jem in Clockwork Prince that gives me a glimpse of what Tessa sees in him. What is about Jem that draws you to his character?
  • So Gideon and Gabriel have arrived. What are your thoughts on their training Tessa?
  • I loved the scene with Will and Tessa in the library. These two just need to kiss and to break their tension. What do you make of the quote from A Tale of Two Cities that Will recites? Do you think that it could possibly refer to how he's feeling and what's to come?
On page 52, Sophie totally thought Jem was making fun if her saying "'s always useful for a beautiful girl to be able to fend off the unwanted attentions of gentlemen." And I think Jem meant it but Sophie never thought of herself beautiful because of her scar. Sophie thinks just because she is scared that she's unattractive but its not true. I know what makes us more beautiful and ALL of the scars and flaws that make us who we are. If a man can not truly accept you for all your flaws, he's just NOT THE ONE! Our cars remind us that we've come along way and to not make the same mistake that caused the scar in the first place. Our flaw is just proof that we are human and we makes mistakes and millions more but that's who we are. I do love Sophie more as well because in this chapter, her emotions are being shown/ acted out with almost every mention of Sophie. Her character is seeping through the pages with an "I'm NOT just a servant" kind of attitude.

Jem has that kindness to him that shines. Everything about him glows and there isn't dimness about it. He loves everyone and even Sophie adores him. He doesn't complain or use his weakness as an excuse. He tries just a hard and it doesn't take much effort for him to smile and earn yours right back. He doesn't speak out of turn and seems to ALWAYS have the right thing to say at the right time. He's like someone you can't say no to or not even try to get along with. He's attractive in every way and the only thing holding him back from a long prosper future is his illness. He's just lovable.

Gabriel is the one training Tessa and as she has explained, he's good at what he's doing. He's fairly patient, willing to pick up time after countless times of her dropping the sword and even praises her when she does something right.

The quote of "A Tale of Two Cities" is a perfect example of how Will is with Tessa. His feelings for her. "There is no future for Sydney, is there, with or without love? He knows he cannot save himself without Lucie, but to let her near him would be to degrade her." Will is pushing Tessa away with words. He's hinting her. Giving her clues of his feelings for her that seeping through his skin. He loves her and wants to be with her but because of the curse, he doesn't want to hurt her. And to the last paragraph on page 67 'it had been possible . . . That you could have returned the love of the man you see before yourself--flung away, wasted, drunken, poor creature of misuse as you know him to be--he would have been conscious this day to misery, bring your sorrow and repentance, blight you, disgrace you, pull you down with him--." Can she still accept him for all that's happen to him? Because he did her wrong, and he's so emotionally and mentally bruised that he doesn't know what to do anymore. He's tormented inside. It is like a hint to what's to come but also a pop of the bubble if.. (Can't spoil it!)

CP Read A Long Ch2


Today's discussion is about: Chapter 2 - Reparations
  • What do you make of Jessamine's comment, "Shadowhunters. As if I'd want to marry one of them." Given the fact she is one, I always found this comment to sound as though she thinks she's not one, and that she's better than them. Would you agree or do you think her comment is justified?
  • I loved seeing that Charlotte came out of she shell a bit more in this chapter. Do you think Charlotte has what it takes to keep her position at the Institute?
  • I love Tessa, Jem and Will in this chapter. Their conversation about Mortmain was entertaining. I do love how Will always seems to throw some sort of phobia or disease. What do you love the most about the relationship Will, Jem and Tessa have?


I think Jessamine thinks she's better than everyone, especially Shadowhunters. She is a good Shadowhunter and when the time came for her to take action and defend herself or others, there's no doubt she is a good fighter. The way she is, you can tell she doesn't like the life of a Shadowhunter, fighting, training, etc. She knows she pretty and doesnt think a woman should fight, she just wants to be a princess and be treated like one. She probably has a questionable history that makes her not like being a Shadowhunter. Her history is a bit of a mystery.

Charlotte is a strong woman. The institute is running well. There's no question about Charlotte's ability. Probably because her position at the institute is being questioned/watched that she is faced with the ultimatum to step it up and prove it. Prove that she can lead, that she got what it takes or hand over the institute. Charlotte has her husband, Will, Jem, Tessa, everyone at the institute that supports her in every way possible. Now, I can't say the same about Jessamine, she seems to have her own agenda.

The relationship between Will, Jem and Tessa seems so natural and full of fun. Everyone seems to get along fine. Jem is always the so patient, clear-headed gentleman. As for Will, he's just Will, handsome, smart mouth/ sarcastic. Its like he keeps everyone at arms reach besides Jem. Tessa, always impressed with Jem and his kindness. Though she tries to hide, she's always somehow affected by Will and his ways. Though Will can sometimes be Will, Jem is always supportive of him.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Clockwork Prince Read Along w Mundie Mom

I will be participating in the read along w Mundie Mom and all the TMI fans who are reading along and commenting as well. If you're a fan as I am, come join the fun. Here's the link.

Here is the schedule.  I will be responding to each chapter's question so if you're curious on what I gotta say since it would be my 2nd time around reading this book and first time participating in a discussion (Q&A).
The ScheduleFebruary:
20th: Prologue
21st: Chapter 1, The Council Chamber
22nd: Chapter 2, Reparations
23rd: Chapter 3, Unjustifiable Death
24th: Chapter 4, A Journey
25th: Chapter 5, Shades of the Past
26th: Chapter 6, In Silence Sealed
27th: Chapter 7, The Curse
28th: Chapter 8, A Shadow on The Soul

1st: Chapter 9, Fierce Midnight
2nd: Chapter 10, The Virtue of Angels
3rd: Chapter 11, Wild Unrest
4th: Chapter 12, Masquerade
5th: Chapter 13, The Mortal Sword
6th: Chapter 14, The Silent City
7th: Chapter 15, Thousands More
8th: Chapter 16, Mortal Rage
9th: Chapter 17, In Dreams
10th: Chapter 18, Until I Die
11th: Chapter 19, If Treason Doth Prosper
12th: Chapter 20, The Bitter Root
13th: Chapter 21, Coals of Fire
14th: Notes on Tessa's London, Will's Letter and other Extras found with CP
15th: Wrap up & our predictions for Clockwork Princess

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lots-of-Love Day Thursday Questionaire

TMI Source ASKS .. So who from THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS or THE INFERNAL DEVICES would you want to be your Valentine?

And i ANSWER .. That depends on what kind if valentine I want.

Hmm, a spontaneous one with awesome travel and delites with blue sparks and glitter to brighten the night? That would be the High Warlock of Brooklyn; Sir Magnus Bane.

If I wanted internally damaged goods with the skills and smirks and the looks to kill with and an adventure to the edge of the world and beyond, well that would either be Will or Jace.

Sweet and shy are adorable traits and guys with no border, .. Is Jem available?

If you say i had to choose a night in w popcorn and no dramas but with Naruto waiting, Simon would be the guy!

I can go on n on but the night is short so HAppy Lot-of-Love Day and may the odds be in my favor!

P.s. - For the Curious George inside you, plz visit

Monday, February 11, 2013

Movie Brawl 2013: Who Will be The Brawlsiest? Result

Sorry for the super late results but I got it!

The most anticipated movie of 2013 in the Movie Brawl is . . Hold it . .


If you've read it, you'll know it a must see this year. It was a very close battle with THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES.

I had a feeling CATCHING FIRE would win over CITY OF BONES only because Catching Fire is the 2nd book and it already has dedicated audiences and fans from the first installment of THE HUNGER GAMES movie last year. This year has a great start for CITY OF BONES and its only just the beginning. With Sony Pictures, it's gonna be a great movie.

It was a great brawl and a continual battle for first place for the MTV Most Anticipated Movie Brawl in 2014.

It's not long until 2014 is here so don't forget then to vote for your favorite!

Definitely watch both movies and for sure pick up your copies of both series, they're awesome, totally different stories, you have my word! (P.s. that's only if we see eye to eye and have the same YA fan-fiction obsession!) ^_^¥

Movie Monday at TMI SOURCE

Credits to TMI SOURCE of course.

Movie Monday #36: Clary and Jocelyn have an arguement.

To me this isn't even an argument wether to have this scene or not in the movie, it's definitely must. This scene is pretty important. This scene gives you, the audience, a glance of what kind of relationship Clary and Jocelyn has. It also introduces us to Luke, Madame Dorothea, the gold-green eyes like a cat of Magnus. This is also the reason why Clary would get to use one of the demon tracking device (and gets to kill a demon) Clary takes from Jace when she meets him in front of Java Jones where she and Simon has coffee and was listening to Eric and the band perform. Pretty important to be cut out!

P.s. - there's also an intro that links to Valentine and Jocelyn's current state.

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Bane Chronicles first picture release

Picture courtesy of TMI Source

Beautiful Creatures pictures

All pictures courtesy of the owner via Twitter / Facebook.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Movie Brawl 2013: Who Will be The Brawlsiest? Part3

Here are the new nominees . .

Ok, ok, I'm happy yet sad . .

The Mortal Instrument's City of Bones, The Hunger Games' Catching Fire and The Host made it through round 2, yey!

Looks like COB is beating out The Hobbit, yey!!!!!!!!

But, but Beautiful Creatures didn't quite make it; it did compete against The Host and both books are good, yet different as well. Is it how good the books are? Or the genre? Or the audiences? Does MTV only attract certain fans and not the ones who are unaware of the voting? My questions gears towards the reason of one of my hooks being left out, no other.

Ooooo, looks pretty close between Catching Fire and The Host 

At least 3 out of 4 of my books made it and its a reason to celebrate .. Hold up! It's not done yet! There's still more voting to be done so don't forget your favorite and vote! But you can still have a mini celebration and a sad tear for Beautiful Creatures! Whatever the outcome is, I'd still watch all four movie, no doubt!!!!!!!!

P.s. - Keep voting for your most anticipated!
P.p.s. - *Pat on your back* if yours didn't make it, you tried


Monday, January 14, 2013

Movie Brawl 2013: Who Will be The Brawlsiest? Part2

It time to puzzle it out and make your decision on who's going through to the next round, it's time to brawl it out!

Rooting for:

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Host

Beautiful Creatures

I read all 4 books and I'm definitely looking forward to all for this year! Good luck to all ^_^¥

What's your pick? Is your favorite on the list?

A post from Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Princess snippet - Woo! We placed first in the MTV movie brawl. Very impressive, Shadowhunters. To celebrate, a snippet from Clockwork Prince — not about Will, Tessa...

"Why?" Gabriel asked. "Why are you so sure that Charlotte's side is the right one?"

"Because our father's is not," said Gideon. "Because I know Charlotte. Because I have lived among these people for months and they are good people. Because Charlotte Branwell has been nothing but kind to me. And Sophie loves her."

"And you love Sophie."

Gideon's mouth tensed.

"She's a mundane and a servant," said Gabriel. "I don't know what you expect to come of it, Gideon."

"Nothing," Gideon said roughly. "I expect nothing. But the fact that you believe I should shows that our father brought us up to believe that we should do right only if some reward was the result. I will not betray the word I have given Charlotte; that is the situation, Gabriel. If you do not want a part of it, I can send you to live with the Blackthorns. But I will not lie to Charlotte."

"Yes, you will," said Gabriel. "We are both going to lie to Charlotte. And I will tell you why."

Sent from my iWhyMe

MTV 2013 most anticipated movie brawl

And the winner for round one is ..

The Mortal Instruments - City of Bones at 19%, followed closely by The Hunger Games - Catching Fire at 16%. Beautiful Creatures and The Host tied at 3%. Good run, good run. Hmm, lets see who lasts til the next round ^_^¥

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Movie Brawl 2013: Who Will be The Brawlsiest?

Movie Brawl 2013: Who Will be The Brawlsiest?: The most-anticipated movies of 2013 will battle it out for ultimate cinematic supremacy, driven by your votes! The tournament kicks off Monday, January 14, at

So far for today, here are my anticipated movies in competition:

And here are some others that I got a glimps from the preview of the Brawl that I will be anticipating to see as well.



Wednesday, January 2, 2013

CNN's Hype with Teen Literature Movies 2013

Lovin' it! I'm hyped about all the teasers! The sneak peeks of trailers and awesome pictures that makes you want so much more then a mention here and there, but better than nothing at all. ¥/^0^\¥