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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sweet deals in the local HEB ad

Found some pretty sweet deals from our local H-E-B AD. 

A Starbucks bottle deal isn't a great deal unless it's just a $1!  Hate it when you go to the store n buy a single for $2ish-almost $3 a bottle!  So this is definitely a great deal! It tastes best when served chilled from the freezer about 1-2hrs. 

I love orange and it's like a year round fruit. So if there's at least 2 for $1 and its labeled "honey" flavored it must be good. Just hope it wasn't injected w honey cuz that'll just be wrong!

Broccoli is a must in my household. The crown is the most nutritious even tho I still love the crunch of the stalk. But when you have babies you gotta feed, crowns is the way to go since it's more flavorful and easier to chew. It's really good in chicken soup, stir fried w mushroom served along side w boiled chicken, grilled pork or spring roll w grilled beef. 

Honey Crisps are one of the largest and most of all the sweetest with a good crunch. Apple isn't suppose to be powdery to taste, that's awful. But when there's a sale n b/c of their size, it's worth it to buy a few to enjoy. 

I'm a Pantene fan. But I don't use it often b/c I prefer the salon brands. But when I can, I'd load up on these b/c they're almost as good, w an attractive smell and my hubby prefers it to any other brand. I'm picky but he's quite selective n doesn't like change much. 

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