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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Practical Funnel

Plastic water bottle

Cut into the empty water bottle. However tall or short you want the funnel to be. Make a clean cut so you don't have plastic pieces falling into the substance you're transferring. 

The bottom bottle was a honey bottle and I'm just reusing it as a condense milk dispenser. Practical, useable. The honey bottle cap has a tiny spout so it was the perfect choice, especially the right size for a regular size can of milk. 

I have 2 plastic funnels for different purposes but this was just an experiment and specifically because the spout was wide for a faster easier flow n it's short so it doesn't dunk too low into the bottle. If you ever handle condense milk it's thick n towards the end it flows slow. The water bottle funnel is wide and sturdy enough to hold the can while I did other stuff. 
When done n cleaned the plastic bottle funnel and the milk can gets recycled so it's a win win, no waste here. 

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