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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Book Review: The Winner's Crime

The Winner's Crime (The Winner's Trilogy, #2)The Winner's Crime by Marie Rutkoski
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Review: The Winner's Crime

Well I never liked the Capital in any book, they never are what they should be; a government you can really depend on. They are only looking out for their best interest. The Emperor reminds me of President Snow in The Hunger Games; deceiving, sneaky, mean, cold cold, COLD, So heartless at times and always lurking in your every conscious!
Krestel is such a strong woman. She's so brave to take risks but she's also very careless, always getting caught them the results of her punishment always directly hurts her, just not physically.
I hope The Emperor doesn't kill her pup that Verex got her.
My first impression of Verex was : immature but as the story was told, I find him so opposite of The Emperor. Is Verex even his son? Must of been a cold childhood for him. Luckily Risha was there. Was her story of betrayal by her older twin siblings?
I felt for Arin. He felt betrayed but her also loved her so much. For love, there is no prejudice. Whether he was a slave or she a noble, they both were head strong and very alike. Arin's cousin didn't very much like Krestel but between her people and his, slave vs owner, it's kind of hard., killing off each other and their loved ones.
I loved how the Queen of the south's castle is built, marble n stones, all the pretty stuff. Their punishment for Arin is laughable, so not what I thought of when Roshar kept insisting on the worst.
Krestel would of gotten to celebrate her eighteenth birthday in the capital. Her dad would of still loved her n their relationship would of gotten better somehow. Tensen would of still been alive if Arin didn't show up at the Capital.
Theory: I wonder if Krestel's dad doing what he did to protect her in a way; to get her away from the capital. Maybe he knew The Emperor would kill Krestel but would punish her. Maybe it was Krestel's dad's ideal to send her north. Maybe he would go there and send his men to protect her. Maybe I wanna see the good side of the General.
I knew Krestel's people have trained and grown up on little food before they conquered the Herrani people. But to here the Herran suffer is saddening. The water engineer is connivingly evil. But it could of all been the Emperor's orders. But what did she have against the Herrani people?
I hope Arin doesn't buy Krestel's lies and go find her. I hope someone protects her.
I hope the moth reaches Arin.

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