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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Book Review: Hair In All The Wrong Places by Andrew Buckley

Hair in All the Wrong Places: The Perils of Growing Up Werewolf
Hair in All the Wrong Places: The Perils of Growing Up Werewolf by Andrew Buckley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was wholely entertained! Is that a word (wholely)? O wellers (so is that)!
This is a good story with a twist on modern life, but in a little town with secrets and a whole handful of paranormal characters everywhere!
Colin is a young teen growing more aware of himself, so does everyone else, especially Becca and Gareth, well the whole town to be exact. He doesn't fit in, he's different, and everyone makes sure he knows it too. That sure doesn't boost a guy's confidence at all! But props to Colin because even though he gets bullied emotionally, physically and verbally, he goes to school everyday and tries to move on past it all. He's not a drug addict or hangs with the wrong crowd. He may make stupid choices and is an unsuccessful runaway, but he's still this simple guy that this one simple girl has a crush on.
The story starts out a little slow but very descriptive in detail. The town and its people all have their history and their story. And as the story progresses, so are many questions answered.
There's humor because there's nothing too boring about a young teen. There's always something happening, always something going through their growing mind and body.
As things started to happen, the story got more interesting. There were no breaks of bla anywhere.
The more you knew about the town and Colin's transformation, the more interesting it got!
Until it's 2am on a weekday night!
Yep, I hope there's a part 2 and more to look forward to.
I took a few things from this story.
First, Colin isn't a failure but a young teen finding himself and what it means to believe in yourself.
Second, BULLYING! There's apparently two kinds. There could be more but I learned two. One kind of bully is one who wants "people to be afraid of them." But, the second, the worst kind is the one "who really enjoys it."
Third, writing seems to be second nature to some authors. They can really tell a story with a beginning, middle and end. The story had very organized structure and laid out events. Nothing seems out of place and the whole story itself flowed fairly well. When I read and isn't confused between who is saying what, that's a nice feature, using italics, and bold texts.
I love the telekinetic communication between special people, the paranormals! Mind reading is also cool but to be able to see their whole history is WOAH!
The author has also done his homework or has truly remembered and learned how different paranormal character behave or their history. For instance, the connection between werewolves and the Native Americans. That's consistent throughout many telling a of the werewolves and their history.
I really did enjoy everything the author has put into this story. Thanks! 

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