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Sunday, August 5, 2012

I'm Baaaacccckkkk! Well kinda,.. sorta, hehe

Took a long break to incubate my cute Baby Jace and had time to think what I really want my BLOG to reflect... and THAT'S ME!  Facebook can be a complete failare of that.  I use to try to make it a coupon fueler page (posting all kinds of deals, a boring twitter-like updates of my whatevers I use to post anything really of from craft ideas, to my Nail-inG obsession, to my reading interests.  Recently before my break it was, "all about books," so one day my readers can follow my reviews and interests in my books and submit me as a good reviewer and bookie/book blogger.  O yes, I still want that even though the last few posts and non responses of that just says it all! But now I want it to be about any of my interests that maybe you (the reader) find interesting.  Weather its shared, reposted, recommended or not, tweeted or "Pinteres"ed, I care but no expectations there.  This is an all out war between me n my mind!  BTW, I still FB frequently, Tweet occationally, and my "idea" driven by Pinterest, but I'll share and devide my mind here as well.  Thanks for the space!