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Monday, May 18, 2015

Book Review: Passing Notes by D. G. Driver

Passing NotesPassing Notes by D.G. Driver
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Review: Passing Notes

It's a nice change when the narration is through a guy's POV. A very confident and positive senior with little skills to show, academic wise. But he's sweet and he's not your average Joe. His main disadvantage right now is to talk/text his way back to a long-time love that seems to be slipping away, fast. Upon came a note and binding spell, he can now communicate with an unknown guy who can write sweet love letters and also he's a ghost! Ahhhh, yes, freaky!
42%- freaky! His grandma has the same name as the girl with her name drawn on to the back of his hand w permanently marker. The other freaky part is his grandma recognizes the handwriting too and from who which she abruptly forgets.
72%- So up to this point we don't know who this ghost guy is yet but we know he's helping Mark make it right by Bethany by helping him write love letters better, the old fashion way, because if he doesn't, when she graduates and goes to college and he graduates and head off into the army, there won't be rekindling of any type. Is it weird to have this gut feeling that maybe it's his past grandpa? Hmmm, that could be really sweet and scary all at once. I think his grandma is hinting him as she came around clear-headed, that his grandpa's name is Joe and maybe in those letters there's something that could help Mark.
End- a sweet goodbye, clarity, and letters.
This story could pass for many things, an army man's last wish, lingering souls, how to write a love letter. The list goes on. But the take away is love comes in many shapes and sizes, it's a powerful force that still lives on even if we past from one life to another. The tradition of a letter through mail hold so much meaning that a simple text or an email fails badly in comparison. This is a good novella in a way it teaches us the etiquette and true meaning of writing letters, the bond between family and the long forgotten. Some friends are worth holding on to the end while other fade away.
Mark learns through a ghost friend's advice that truth and patience is key to a longer and healthier relationship. Some things are not as they seem and being responsible and true to yourself is key.

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