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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Kroger's Weekly Ad 5 for 5

Great news! Kroger decided to run their 5 for 5 again this week. I've  chosen items that qualify for the sale and I've even included their buddy coupons to stack along with the sale. Awesone rt?! Let's get started. (Excuse my abreviations if any.)

Now these are 10 qualifying items I usually get. 

Bounty and Charmin are usually on sale together so their descriptions is mixed into one photo with only one item shown so it gets confusing. I added the photo of Bounty to show that it's included. 
And here are their buddy coupons that can be loaded onto the Kroger card to save even more. As with all coupons, they expire and most can only be used once. Every coupon has their exceptions and so does the sale. Don't  forget to read. 

So some of us take advantage of sales like these and stock up, like 5 Dawns! You just dont know, I wash dishes 3 times a day, even more depending. And since each coupon can be used only once, you'll need multiples and what better than to do your homework and research for some clippings. I've found a few but these are just a collage of coupon pictures so go directly to the website and print it out. 

Happy savings! 


(now that's a deal before coupons!)

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