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Monday, January 5, 2015

Target's Email Bonus Coupon

So I was checking my email which I can't  claim I do often because somehow I don't notice 'deals' until it's almost the end of the week/sale. Sad, I know, but I was looking through it n found this: 

.. in which turns out to be .. 


Awesome right? Normally I'd depend on IG (Instagram) or the next text from Target mobile or their weekly ad but this came in an email form. I guess it would depend if you've signed up for their email newsletter or have signed up for their Red Card (Target credit card) or registered for their bridal or baby events. Who knows. But for the ones who either don't have mobile connections or haven't received the deal by email, I did find it on Target's website on the coupons page. (  ⬅️ under the 'baby' and 'food' section. 

Happy savings!

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