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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Target Weekly Ad Find

Laundering? Yes! Almost double/triple the discount. Why not?!

Here's this week's find..

To me, Tide is a good deal when the 50oz liquid detergent is $5 n/or the 100oz is $10. Anymore is too much. That's the lowest I've found in the past year. What beats it are the coupons on top of the sale. Yes, 50oz to be $5 n 100oz to be $10 is a sale, never a norm, no matter where I look. I could be a little biased on my research because I only shop at Target, HEB and Kroger. Time is my limit and the interent and mobile deals are my sources. 
 Take for instance my last shop at Kroger was a major deal, in some part, if I did more work, I would of saved more. But when you send your husband to the store  and on top of that it's his trip right after an hour drive home from work, it's  the best it's gonna get. 
It was a weekly sale called 5 for 5.  Pretty much you buy 5 items from the list of items to choose from and you save $5!  Not bad considering its a mix of food and  household products, etc. I always aim for Dawn dishwasher soap, Charmin toilet papet, Bounty paper towels and Tide laundry detergent. I can stock on them, they don't  expire and I use them regularly. This trip was mainly for Dawn and Tide. 
Dawn is usually $2.63 for around 24oz n 
Tide was $5.99 (I think that's an already sale price). 
I loaded two Dawn coupons, one for .50 off and one for .25 off, n also a $2 off coupon for Tide on my Kroger card. 
I sent my hubby five .75 off manufacturers coupon for Tide to print out at work. 
He chose 5 Dawns and 5 Tides bottles totalling $43.10 (all math no tax).
5 for 5 saved $10, down to $33.10. 
2 Dawn coupons saved .75, down to $32.35. 
6 Tide coupons saved $5.75, down totalling $26.60. 
That's $16.50 in sales n coupons!

p.s. Since I'm set on all my laundering essentials I thought I'd share the Target deal just because it's a good deal!  At least I remembered to share before the week ended! 😉 Happy Savings! 

P.p.s.  You gotta love the online store ads and mobile coupons. They save you alot/alittle depending and it only takes a little time out of a busy schedule. 

P.p.p.s. I'm not an agressive couponer or will I 'pay' to buy coupons just to save. It's  ridiculous in my opinion but I'm no die-hard couponer to say otherwise. 

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