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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lots-of-Love Day Thursday Questionaire

TMI Source ASKS .. So who from THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS or THE INFERNAL DEVICES would you want to be your Valentine?

And i ANSWER .. That depends on what kind if valentine I want.

Hmm, a spontaneous one with awesome travel and delites with blue sparks and glitter to brighten the night? That would be the High Warlock of Brooklyn; Sir Magnus Bane.

If I wanted internally damaged goods with the skills and smirks and the looks to kill with and an adventure to the edge of the world and beyond, well that would either be Will or Jace.

Sweet and shy are adorable traits and guys with no border, .. Is Jem available?

If you say i had to choose a night in w popcorn and no dramas but with Naruto waiting, Simon would be the guy!

I can go on n on but the night is short so HAppy Lot-of-Love Day and may the odds be in my favor!

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