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Friday, February 22, 2013

Clockwork Prince Read Along w Mundie Mom

I will be participating in the read along w Mundie Mom and all the TMI fans who are reading along and commenting as well. If you're a fan as I am, come join the fun. Here's the link.

Here is the schedule.  I will be responding to each chapter's question so if you're curious on what I gotta say since it would be my 2nd time around reading this book and first time participating in a discussion (Q&A).
The ScheduleFebruary:
20th: Prologue
21st: Chapter 1, The Council Chamber
22nd: Chapter 2, Reparations
23rd: Chapter 3, Unjustifiable Death
24th: Chapter 4, A Journey
25th: Chapter 5, Shades of the Past
26th: Chapter 6, In Silence Sealed
27th: Chapter 7, The Curse
28th: Chapter 8, A Shadow on The Soul

1st: Chapter 9, Fierce Midnight
2nd: Chapter 10, The Virtue of Angels
3rd: Chapter 11, Wild Unrest
4th: Chapter 12, Masquerade
5th: Chapter 13, The Mortal Sword
6th: Chapter 14, The Silent City
7th: Chapter 15, Thousands More
8th: Chapter 16, Mortal Rage
9th: Chapter 17, In Dreams
10th: Chapter 18, Until I Die
11th: Chapter 19, If Treason Doth Prosper
12th: Chapter 20, The Bitter Root
13th: Chapter 21, Coals of Fire
14th: Notes on Tessa's London, Will's Letter and other Extras found with CP
15th: Wrap up & our predictions for Clockwork Princess

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