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Monday, February 11, 2013

Movie Monday at TMI SOURCE

Credits to TMI SOURCE of course.

Movie Monday #36: Clary and Jocelyn have an arguement.

To me this isn't even an argument wether to have this scene or not in the movie, it's definitely must. This scene is pretty important. This scene gives you, the audience, a glance of what kind of relationship Clary and Jocelyn has. It also introduces us to Luke, Madame Dorothea, the gold-green eyes like a cat of Magnus. This is also the reason why Clary would get to use one of the demon tracking device (and gets to kill a demon) Clary takes from Jace when she meets him in front of Java Jones where she and Simon has coffee and was listening to Eric and the band perform. Pretty important to be cut out!

P.s. - there's also an intro that links to Valentine and Jocelyn's current state.

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