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Monday, February 11, 2013

Movie Brawl 2013: Who Will be The Brawlsiest? Result

Sorry for the super late results but I got it!

The most anticipated movie of 2013 in the Movie Brawl is . . Hold it . .


If you've read it, you'll know it a must see this year. It was a very close battle with THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES.

I had a feeling CATCHING FIRE would win over CITY OF BONES only because Catching Fire is the 2nd book and it already has dedicated audiences and fans from the first installment of THE HUNGER GAMES movie last year. This year has a great start for CITY OF BONES and its only just the beginning. With Sony Pictures, it's gonna be a great movie.

It was a great brawl and a continual battle for first place for the MTV Most Anticipated Movie Brawl in 2014.

It's not long until 2014 is here so don't forget then to vote for your favorite!

Definitely watch both movies and for sure pick up your copies of both series, they're awesome, totally different stories, you have my word! (P.s. that's only if we see eye to eye and have the same YA fan-fiction obsession!) ^_^¥

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