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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Couponing Philosophy

Intro: WARNING!?!?!? It's my way, and you can take your highway. Haha. Cute, no really, I do things differently or similar to some and it works for me. Maybe not to all but I am doing this for me and my family after all. 

Body: As a newbie couponer my thing is to get the most for my money. I look for deals or sales that I can also stack on mfg (manufacture) coupons and mobile coupons. I even try the same tactic online with the sales and promotions and the free S&H (which is always a great bonus).  Maybe I'm a cheapy, i dont know. But what I do know is why should I pay full price if I can get the discount and use that saved $$ for something else I want. Discounts add up and the more they add up the chances I am to get what I plan (unless I waited too long). If I do find a great deal and I've done my hmwk, I'll share the deal. Why not brag about it? We all want a good deal. I'm a stay-at-home mommy so I know how it feels to only have one income in the family and if I can silently help save some $$ (because there are people who don't  understand saving here U can spend the saved $$ somewhere else) it makes me happy and if he finds out I do buy things I didn't pay much for them. 

Conclusion: My shopping philosophy isn't so bad huh?! I also decided something recently which I find it helps me and brings a small closure to my hubby. If i decide to print out coupons, it's ONLY if I'm sure I'm going to use it. Face it, ink cartridges aren't cheap and I've wasted a handful and heard a earful from my hubby to finally come to this decision. "Why do U collect coupons you don't use them (worst is I forget them then they expire)." It's not bad, I think it's smart. Buy what you need, not just because there's a coupon and sale. 

Side note: P.s - I may not need toilet now because I have enough to last me a few more months but it doesn't expire and there's an (I think) awesome sale!
P.p.s - If I have to spend a few $$ just to save a few cents especially on things I don't need and on top of that to learn to organize coupons I won't use, that's bogus!  I'm busy as it is. 

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