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Thursday, August 21, 2014

In my Target Wallet this week

In my Target wallet this week I got 3 packs! I know it's crazy. I've been awe'd by this brand lately (as of the past yr). Though recently I've tried these and I like them. Ideally they're a great buy if you consider other brands which are like $5ish and up and only gives you a 25count or lower. These were $3.64 a pack and I got  5% off. Ok, it wasn't a sale or a great deal and it just happen to be my an impulse buying rage since I waited so long and wanted to try the orange scrubbing towelette so bad I just went ahead and bought the other two as well since I've already tried them. When there's a better sale I'll probably stock up but if these aren't going as fast, I probably won't buy them until I'm low. 

But I did get a great deal on something I usually don't use but been dying to try because I love scrubbing cleansers that foam up. Foaming tells me there's cleaning agents in it. The scrub I imagine the Scrubble Bubble animation guys working. And the brightening scent bc grapefruit says it all! No I take that back, Neutrogena says it all. I've had nothing but good if not a consistantly clean face to prove this brand is a good facial cleansing brand. Of course I didn't need two (TWO!!) value size cleansers but I was greedy and wanted the free towelettes. I know, shame. But hey it was a promotion of buy two get one free + cartwheel save 10% + two $1 off mgf coupons. Yep! You read it right. I gave the cashier two knowing I am suppose to use only one but I'm sure I'm not the only one taking advantage of stacking multiple coupons. And some cashiers really don't care. 

Btw, even though the Ad said  $9 for whatever reason that wasn't emphasized or targeted to, each bottle of cleanser was $6.99 so in the end as long as I didn't have to pay $14 and get a free item that's usually about $5. I'm a happy camper!

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