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Sunday, March 3, 2013

CP Read A Long Ch2


Today's discussion is about: Chapter 2 - Reparations
  • What do you make of Jessamine's comment, "Shadowhunters. As if I'd want to marry one of them." Given the fact she is one, I always found this comment to sound as though she thinks she's not one, and that she's better than them. Would you agree or do you think her comment is justified?
  • I loved seeing that Charlotte came out of she shell a bit more in this chapter. Do you think Charlotte has what it takes to keep her position at the Institute?
  • I love Tessa, Jem and Will in this chapter. Their conversation about Mortmain was entertaining. I do love how Will always seems to throw some sort of phobia or disease. What do you love the most about the relationship Will, Jem and Tessa have?


I think Jessamine thinks she's better than everyone, especially Shadowhunters. She is a good Shadowhunter and when the time came for her to take action and defend herself or others, there's no doubt she is a good fighter. The way she is, you can tell she doesn't like the life of a Shadowhunter, fighting, training, etc. She knows she pretty and doesnt think a woman should fight, she just wants to be a princess and be treated like one. She probably has a questionable history that makes her not like being a Shadowhunter. Her history is a bit of a mystery.

Charlotte is a strong woman. The institute is running well. There's no question about Charlotte's ability. Probably because her position at the institute is being questioned/watched that she is faced with the ultimatum to step it up and prove it. Prove that she can lead, that she got what it takes or hand over the institute. Charlotte has her husband, Will, Jem, Tessa, everyone at the institute that supports her in every way possible. Now, I can't say the same about Jessamine, she seems to have her own agenda.

The relationship between Will, Jem and Tessa seems so natural and full of fun. Everyone seems to get along fine. Jem is always the so patient, clear-headed gentleman. As for Will, he's just Will, handsome, smart mouth/ sarcastic. Its like he keeps everyone at arms reach besides Jem. Tessa, always impressed with Jem and his kindness. Though she tries to hide, she's always somehow affected by Will and his ways. Though Will can sometimes be Will, Jem is always supportive of him.

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