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Sunday, March 3, 2013

CP Read A Long Ch4

Today's discussion is about: Chapter 4 - A Journey

  • I find the quotes Cassie's uses with each chapter fascinating and fitting given they often give us a hint about what we can find in each chapter. I love the quote w/ this chapter, "Friendship is one mind in two bodies."- Meng-tzu I immediately thought of Will and Jem. In this chapter we learn what means their bond, parabatai, means. Why do you feel it was significant for us to better understand Will and Jem's bond?
  • I love Will and Tessa's bantering in this chapter. I've read/re-read CP a few times now, but on this re-read it dawned me, that even though Tessa loves both Jem and Will, I can finally see the differences in that love she has for both guys. It's the different ways she displays her mannerisms towards both Jem and Will up to this point, that made me see that. Has anyone else picked up on that?
  • I have to admit I'm a little surprised over Gideon's comments to his brother Gabriel in talking about Charlotte and why they're there. Up until this point I haven't much cared for either of them, but I'm curious to get to know more about Gideon. What do you guys think about him?
  • What do you make of Jem telling Tessa about Shadowhunter marriages? I feel like there's a reason why Jem felt the need to explain how they work, and how a Shadowhunter could ever marry a mundane, given the chance that, that would ever happen.

Will and Jem's bond is kind of a mystery. They're quite the opposite and frankly Charlotte wasn't sure if Will would open up to anyone, let alone a boy from Shanghai. But as the story goes on, we will probably encounter more than just the meaning or maybe deeper means of being a parabatai. We may know the meaning but maybe this parabatai thing is much deeper than just the meaning itself. Will and Jem are very close in a way that only they both understand. Maybe because Will had a curse and Jem is dying that their bond goes beyond parabatai.

I've picked up the different affection Tessa has for Will and Jem. Cassie does an exceptional job in each emotional description wether displayed on their faces or what goes through their minds. I watch their feelings unfold. It's like you can see the exact way Tessa acts and feels towards each guy individually and when they are all in the same room together. When she chooses, I hope she chooses for LOVE.

Gideon seems like the more mature, nice guy who isn't clouded by gossips and rumors or prejudice. He doesn't seem as open as well; like he's holding something back and the way he speaks to his brother about the reason that he's back is for Gabriel.. He's definitely hiding something. Maybe he really cares for his lil brother, maybe something has happened and he's trying to protect Gabriel.

Given the fact of how they look at each other, and to us how they feel about one another, I think Jem's hinting to marriage as a possibility. It's not impossible, it's just difficult knowing the circumstance (Jem's dying and Tessa can't have children if she's actually a warlock of some sort) and all between both parties and the Shadowhunter world.

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