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Sunday, March 3, 2013

CP Read A Long Ch5

Today's discussion is about: Chapter 5 - Shades of the Past

  • "Shall we go in, my betrothed?" Jem said softly in her ear. Who else sighed over this moment? I also love Will's reaction to Jem and Tessa acting like they're betrothed.
  • I loved that Will was the one to come and wake Tessa from her nightmare. I don't know about you guys, but that moment between the two of them had me yelling at her to just kiss him. What do you guys make of Tessa's nightmare? Do you think there's some relevance to it or was just that, a nightmare?
  • Who do you think Cecily is? *if you've read CP before and know the answer, who did you think she was the first time you read about her?* It's obvious from Will's reaction to seeing the young girl she's someone who's connected to his past.
Cindy Pham March 3, 2013 at 12:18 AM
On pg 87, second half, Will wanted Tessa be pretend to be the one falling madly in love w him, not agreeing to be Jem's fiancée. Will already showed a disagreement when Tessa felt that he was watching her when the train headed into the dark tunnel. (I felt it too) Though Will never seems to take what Jem wants and doesn't say otherwise. And on pg 90, when Will says Tessa needs a ring if she were to be Jem's fiancé, not thinking Jem had one prepared but hoping he can turn the situation around and have Tessa as his fiancé because he was actually wearing his Herondale ring. (Think about it, seems like that's what Will was trying to aim for). But when Jem called Tessa as his betroth, I definitely sighed. It's cute. Jem said it w/o hesitance, naturally like they really were, as though Jem already accepted his play date as for real.

I think Tessa's nightmare was hinting at her of what might of happened from lost memories or what might happen but vaguely hinting or maybe, maybe a glimpse of what could be. When it comes to Cassie and her awesome world where we are trying to keep one foot in our world to stay alive and another to be lost in hers.. I wouldn't doubt for one second she could be hinting us something that might happen in CP2. Cassie is awesome like that. Like she's mentioned before when she gives her characters so many problems/reasons/history, anything relevant and carries on it could mean its important (if you guys get what I'm trying to say or I'm the only one in this cloud).

The first time i read of Cecily, I thought she was the sister he lost (ok, this might be very confusing for me bc I don't want to give away any spoilers to the new readers also bc I read all of CP and ch1 of Cp2, so I may have all my infos jumbo'ed up somehow (pretty much what I read I'm not sure when and where or from which chapter or what book, lol)). So I'm sorry first if I did/will spill anything. A pardoned oopsie I hope ^_^¥. I don't rmbr when or if Will ever gave us by memory (his POV) or to anyone about his past. I don't rmbr if he mentioned the sister who past away or the living one who's grown up. I think before when I first read, she could of been an ex lover and wondered before that (practically leaped to conclusion) that Tessa could get super jealous.

P.s. I think the quote beginning on ch4 is about the mention of Will and Jem's parabatai explanation starting from the last part of pg91.

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