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Sunday, March 3, 2013

CP Read A Long Ch6

Today's discussion is about: Chapter 6 - In Silence Sealed

  • Hello plot twist! I was not excepting Cecily to be Will's sister, though it was obvious, based on his reaction in the previous chapter, that she was someone important to him. What are your thoughts with this new revelation? What do you make of Will's comments on the train ride back saying his sister is dead?
  • What do you think Mortmain is trying to keep secret with his past, that he's threaten Will's family and the Shadowhunters?
  • I'm beyond curious of the powers Tessa's angel has. Do you have any guesses as to why it only seems to work against Mortmain and his creations?

It's awesome to know Will isn't alone, that he still has a lil sister. He still has a family where as when Tessa first heard, it s a bit of a tear in the heart for her bc she had lost both her parents, her loving aunt and her evil-so-called brother. I don't think Will mentioned about his family much to anyone so for him to say his sister is dead and for Cecily to be at that manor is twisting thoughts in everyone's mind. Is she, or isn't she dead? Why is she there? Is he trying to say but just left Tessa and Jem with a cliffhanger to Will's mysterious family?

Mortmain's secret could be the answer to his diabolical plan. OR something that has to do with the reparations. His plan is carefully planned, it even comes with automaton spies and warriors that work for him. Whatever he's up to, he's definitely going to destroy the Shadowhunters or take them down with him and ALL who's involved. Maybe because of Will's dad--that he use to be part of the Shadowhunter world or have any dealings with his parent's murder--or that Mortmain found a vulnerable family that's connected to the Shadowhunters still (W I L L) and is also one of the stronger Shadowhunters. Maybe it's all a whole London drama that needs its own reality tv, lol. Love the suspense and the mystery and the clues here and there.

Tessa's angel is a huge mystery to me, or a nagging one at best whenever she has dealings with the automatons. I keep thinking she's THE PERFECT automaton that Mortmain or his parents' has ever built, a birthed one OR OR something scientifically or genetically altered with robots. Idk, so cool to assume! Her angel could also be the key Mortmain needs to perfect his automatons and hasn't realized its her angel and not her that he needs, idk!

I really don't know how she's gonna end this series with CP2 when there's so much to uncover and deal with!

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