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Sunday, March 3, 2013

CP Read A Long Ch7

Today's discussion is about: Chapter 7 - The Curse
  • When Will first started talking to Magnus, he said, "Jem is my greatest sin." What do yo make this comment? Do you think he really feels that way?
  • Oh Will! My heart totally broke for Will in this chapter upon finding out about the demon, his curse and his sister. Now everything makes sense with why he acts the way he does. Why he pushes those he loves away. Why the thinks he is unloveable, is poisonous, is cursed. Do you think the demon cursed Will? Who do you think is behind the message the demon gave him?
  • I love Magnus in this chapter. Aside from Jem, I feel like Magnus sees through to who Will really is. Much like Jem, he can at least reason with Will when there's no chance in talking hope into him. I love the question Magnus asks Will, "Are you not concerned with me?" Do you guys think Magnus loves him or does Magnus, like he admitted to himself, just have a weakness for blue eyes and helping the desperate?


WOW, I thought of that and I'm still baffled. I can't really say what Will's trying to say, hmm .. Maybe bc I don't fully understand that full/underlined meaning of "sin." But from what I can guess, Jem is someone he loves and also regrets. He loves Jem, above everyone else at the London Institute. He's been caring for Jem and both are parabatais with the connection and understandability that no one else will ever understand. When Will says "Jem is his greatest sin," it could also mean he will and can do, or give anything for or to Jem. Jem comes first wether his love for Tessa is strong, his love and bond for Jem is stronger. Will knows Jem will die of his illness but bc he already is, and with Will's curse and all, with Will's undying love and affection for Jem, it won't be Will's fault that Jem could die bc of his love. I think Will feels many things. He seems tormented inside. Jem is the only person Will can love without directly killing him as a result of his curse.

I think if there's any constellations to it, it could be a legit curse. But through reading all of TMI series, I haven't heard or read of such. The most unexplainable are the sightings of Valentine and Raphael and their projections, like how does that work if they don't use technology like that OR DO THEY!!!!!!!! Magic from the warlocks? Never heard of demons casting curses before or they all or some would of done such already. And we would of heard or read of any mentions from Cassie. It wouldn't be something new in CP, but TID series is a 'prequel' so this is probably an intro of something or some sort. Btw, Will was only 12, could you blame him for not being so rational in what's believable or not? The message could mean anything or just babble but if we're seriously discussing.. I think it could be a message from Mortmain himself. I still believe Will's father had some dealings with the Shades and the demon who cursed Will could be working with Mortmain or was or was captured by Will's father when the demon was dealing with Mortmain or the Shades. That's probably why Will's family is a target of Mortmain's.

I think with all the constant dealings with a beautiful creature like Will, Magnus has curved a soft spot in his heart for Will. He's come to care for him, Magnus has even said it himself or thought to himself (pg 138-139) "He was really going to have to do something about this annoying softhearted impulse to assist the desperate, Magnus thought. That, and his weakness for blue eyes." ^_* I think anyone like Tessa, Jem or Magnus with the constant interactions and dealings with Will and his emotions and feelings and anything related to Will, you grow to love and accept him and see through all his flaws and imperfection. I love Will too! ^_^¥

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