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Monday, September 8, 2014

Brag-about-it Product

Haha, weird post huh! Well not really. Especially if I find a product I love that I can brag about. Yeh, a toilet cleaner. So many out there. I thought my choices were just what my mom used; bleachy solutions that stings the eyes, nose n conscious. Once I moved into my own home and had two lil ones of my own, I told myself only baby safe products. I've tried so-called "all natural solutions."  No matter what the rave was about, how many other people have swore by, how many repins, especially the $$ savings wise, w pictures that to me don't say much, nothing is what it is. Tried them, most is not worth the extra time to go buy the safer ingredients for (ex: borax, washing soda, Castile soap, etc.) I just don't have the $$ to waste and especially the time. My point is I've tried a lot of them n even repinned a handful myself but found very few that even worked as claimed. So I've just decided to try safe/all natural / already on the shelves solutions that I'm pretty sure the company has done their research on. So that one product that I'm loving right now is the toilet cleaner by Method. Anyone can read any reviews but when you actually try a product a few times "your way" you find what is best.

So here's my way:
Info: I use this not only in the toilet but in my sink n tub where there's a pink or yellow stain from use. 
- Apply the cleaner just under the toilet seat where the water come from. Make sure the stains are covered in the solution; that's usually right where the water stops.
- Then this is the waiting game where I leave it alone and go do other stuff like clean the rest of the house, run errands, or just clean the rest of the restroom while waiting. 
- Before I start the scrubbing process I boil water. (Boiled water to me kills anything and hot water itself helps lift a lot of stains wether soft or hard.)
- Pour the the hot water in the bowl and use the toilet wand n do the duty. 
Once done just flush. 
I use all the same steps for the sink n tub w the stains but I squally do as I c the stains or all at once if I got the chance. 
I don't clean often n I admit eww on my part but I'm a busy stay-at-home mom. Unless you're fully dedicated to two babies under 2 yrs of age and actually try to squeeze in mini hobbies and selfy times, you wouldn't know chores is not a weekly thing at all. I do what I can when I can. Well that's my brag-about-it product! Enjoy!  
Ps- I obviously didn't invent the product, I bought it:
- based on all natural or so called ingredients, I'm no scientist to say otherwise
- smells great
- baby friendly
- I've tested it
- and I got it on sale!

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