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Saturday, September 27, 2014

BEST Costume Deal Target

This is Jace's 3rd Halloween and I feel so bad I didn't really get him a costume the first 2 yrs. I did dress him up as a basketball player on his first Halloween but it was last minute n he had that outfit already. I took too long to decide what to dress a baby at 7 months. We didn't go Trick-or-Treating because I wasn't going to start giving him candy and he wasn't old enough to enjoy or understand the festivities of the holiday. But I did dress him up n took pictures. Issues is all I gotta say. But this yr I did well and did it before October arrived. 
Costumes always comes before October does and so did a very good deal at Target. If you are using Cartwheel from Target then you're in luck w extra discounts some people don't know about.
So shopping at Target, us crazy ones like to "stack deals" and some of us go crazy when there are tones of sales, clearance and coupons included. For me I'm not so crazy because I have this brain-fart that always happens on the day of and when I'm at Target. I don't know why it happens but when I do remember I get really good deals. 
So today I was in luck! 
There wasn't a huge selection of baby/toddler size costumes. But I found one that was Clary's size and approved by my Hubby. 
In-store this outfit is $30. I hate looking for price scanners so I used my Target app n checked the price there, n what I found is a "temp price cut" down to $22.49. Before that I happened I was already determined to get both Jace n Clary a costume n use my Cartwheel deal which expires today. Lucky me the limit was two outfits n I only needed two. 
I do feel bad for anyone reading this post because this is after the fact as in you can't cash in this deal because the stores are already closed and the deal ends today. I'm sorry, maybe next time when I'm more aware n sharing I'll definitely share before a good deal expires. 
So back to the happy dance. I went to the Customer Service area and "matched their online deal, as well as use my cartwheel deal. Here's the happy receipt..
And I used my REDCard so I got a lil more of a discount. 
So that was awesome!
Btw, I got Jace a Spider-Man costume. regular price $17 plus 40% off that. Since I didn't have to match price I just added the costume to my regular checkout. 
But MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  Proud momma now hopes they will fit their costume on Halloween night. 😜 Thanks for sharing my happiness. 

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