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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mini Garden Update

Been attending to my mini garden since the beginning of summer. A lot has moved on either died or replanted elsewhere but it's still full of greenies.
- Avocado from seed reached 6 inches

- Yu Chois regrown from grocery store packs are flowering lil white beauties

- Scallion leaves grown fm scallion butt, tallest about 15inch

- Onion leaves grown fm yellow onion a lil sad short bc I've been clipping some for dinner

- Garlic leaves grown from garlic cloves needs some TLC, looks pale n slowly dying. I've only trimmed it once but it's probably showing me stress. 

- My tomatoes fm seed are growing but not yet fruiting

- Vietnamese Coriander is getting taller. All propagated from a cut bunch.

- Mints are multiplying, propogating for a new pot next door to it

- Sweet basil from seed mixed w Thai basil from propogating

- my Kitchen propogating nursery (which includes basil and mints)

All in all I'm kept busy everyday w my lil ones and my mini garden along w other chores and projects I try to squeeze in.  My window garden is usually resting on the guess room window where there's light all day. 

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