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Friday, September 12, 2014

Indoor compost

I've read a few articles and pins on compost. Well I started my own lil version in the backyard. It's getting there. I read how some people are having issues w the smell collecting the compost in the house. Well for a starter I'm skeptical about harboring scraps in the kitchen when my hubby has a sensitive nose. 
So I know you're suppose to put anything natural as in fruits and vegetable, peels and the likes. When I have takeouts from Asian restaurants that uses the 32oz plastic containers for soupy stuff I save them. That's my indoor compost bin collector. 
 Lately there hasn't been any scraps like onions or garlic or other stinky stuff. Lately there's been mint, lemon and orange peels, apple peels, their seeds, etc.  so my indoor compost smells good. It's been about 3 days n so far so good. Yes I still put the lid on it but not tightly closed. 
I read to prevent stinky indoor composting you need to take it out everyday. Do what you need but I think some lemon n orange peels/scraps helps out w the smell if you aren't going to make a daily trip to the outside composting bin. Plus I think natural scraps don't smell unpleasant, just the cooked rotting foods that don't belong does. I compost coffee n tea leaves in a separate container since it's a seperate layer of compost. All in all that's my post. When you propagate your herbs, there's no waste there unless you don't intend to use the plucked leaves. I do and my most useful technique make my life a lil easier. See a seperate post for the propagated mint use in beverages. 

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