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Friday, September 12, 2014

Preserving from Propogation

9/15 - update.. Here's a recent photo of my drink upgrading to a 32oz. Pushing quite a bit so ican push myself to drink more water. I also added cucumber, raw mangos and apples along w the usual orange, lemon n mints. 

I'm quite the tea n coffee drinker. I drink tea and coffee almost equally all the time. I have a cappuccino every morning not for the energy or wake up call but for the first taste of coffee n milk. When I eat out, I always prefer iced tea or hot tea (preferable chrysanthemum (at Chinese restaurants) or rose hot tea (the best one only at the Banana Leaf restaurant on Bellaire)).  I wouldn't mind just ice cold water w a lemon wedge but it does get boring and at times juice is just too much flavor for a beverage and I'm really cutting down my coke consumption bcuz of all that unhealthy sugar.  Weird right? Well that's my very particular taste bud for drinks!

At home for a nice quench I mix my ice water w some lil essentials from my fridge and mini garden. 

After propogating mint leaves I usually clean them, then put them in water in a tall Starbucks clear cup w a dome top and fridge it. They'll last a few weeks in the fridge, still fresh in its cold water bath until I use them. 

This is my mini kitchen window nursery for propagated plants like mints, basil and Vietnamese coriander. Bad photo I know but I can't see the plants on the other side of this cool window and it's so bright outside even inside light doesn't help. It is all located under the top cabinets too so that doesn't help at all w lights. I could put the plants on the counter for a better photo but I didn't think of it when I took the picture yesterday.

I usually upcycle things like Starbucks cups n such and then recycle them later. Many uses include: fridge mint leaves in water, planter cup, other small drinks, etc. Anyways this is my refreshing version of iced water.. 

- My Starbucks tumblr w 1/3 of ice
- Mint leaves
- lemon wedge
- frozen blackberries
You can use whatever fixings you want. I like lemon or orange wedges for a citrusy kick, mint leaves for the cool aroma, frozen black berries bcuz it's not too mushy and it acts like an fruity icecube. Make it in any order and then topped off w crushed ice. I use cubed ice at the bottom so my ice lasts longer and crushed iced on top bcuz I like to eat the ice. 


Ps. Why some much non-sense on such a simple drink? Simple! Authors like to describe and explain, it makes the post more interesting. If not, there's always recipe websites that have only ingredients and rather plain explanations w no humor or character. 

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