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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Dark and Hollow Places

The Dark and Hollow PlacesThe Dark and Hollow Places by Carrie Ryan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Yet, she didn't die, she made it to the park where the ship is, she made it to Catcher...

Anna and Catcher meets under the circumstances of being chased by Mudos.
Catcher and Annah finally makes it back to her flat where they met Elias and all try to find a way to find Gabry at the Sanctuary.
Elias uses Catcher as a reward for their safety to the Sanctuary.
Annah and her sister finally meet. Annah gets to know Catcher better and then both falls in love. Catcher and Annah are the biggest bait the Recruiters have got their hands on. Annah in search of a way off the island lands her with abuse so bad it kills Catcher. Elias and Gabry gets sick and Annah does whatever she could to escape the Sanctuary.
The sanctuary is where Annah finds out the Recruiters use the Soulers and the Mudo in a cat and mouse game like til the Soulers becomes infected.
While Annah, Gabry and Elias are held as prisoner under the proection of the Recruiters from the Mudos, Catcher is forced to go to the Dark City to find supplies for the Sanctuary.
Annah comes up with the brilliant idea of making an air balloon to escape the sanctuary with the help of Gabry stitching the mateerials, Elias making the basket and fire to carry them and Catcher going around to all the other survivors in The Dark City to use the same idea to escape the hordes to the ship.
In attempt to flee from the Sanctuary to meet Catcher at the ship with alll the other survivors, the balloon rips and Annah is forced on her own account to save Gabry and Elias. Through s butchered and freezing tunnel under the Dark City, Annah pushes and Wills herself to nevr give up and find her way to the carnival exit where the ship is. Through thick and thin, Annah survives without and infection and right into Catcher.

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