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Monday, July 11, 2011


Halo (Halo, #1)Halo by Alexandra Adornetto

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I definitely got a change out of this book. Theres angel alright, but it's a angel girl falling for a mundane boy. Usually i read the opposite. How cute! The book for started out a little slow. There's many emotions and descriptions that it took a while to get into the story. So 3 angels really didn't fall from the sky but on a mission from God to help save one part of the town at a time. To me I'm not highly religious or religious at all but this book kind of felt like it. With the description of the angel's wing being light as paper but as large as their body to carry them sounds incredibly awesome! I want a set! Xavier turns out to be such a devoted, not modern guy who definitely loves Beth for just who she is. Smetimes you read other books where lust can play a factor, but for her, wanting to explore it was, idk, not an issuer they think mattered. Jake was that bad handsome guy even angels fell for as well. He didn't sound so bad, but he seems to have a determined mind to have what he wanted witch made him a devil's angel. So.. from what I've read before, to conclude, Jake is a fallen angel and Beth and her siblings are archangels who protect and watch over the humans? I think so. Sometimes I get lost into the story that minor details like that slips me. Not too much going on, just the experience of an angel learning to be human and falling in love with a mundane who was sure worth all her troubles. God's love may be strong, but an angel's love seems more appealing! I sometimes hated being human but if an angel fell for me! I wouldn't complain!

Ok, how come Jake is so poetic? Does that signify anything?

Towards the beginning the book, page 68-69, when Beth went to sleep, she thought she heard Xavier kiss her and say goodnight... is there more to Xavier Woods? Is he really just an ordinary human and the author thinks to put that in the book to play with my mind?

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