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Monday, July 11, 2011


Matched (Matched, #1)Matched by Ally Condie

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If I lived in such a world, I don't think I can obey anyone, let alone the government. If it means the safetly of my family, I will then have to sacrafice my love and my life for the life of the ones i love. So, to admit, i did find the story a bit slow, but a page turner. I found it very controlling as the Hunger Games but at least their belly was always full. If I was matched to the perfect guy, who could complain. But it is 2011 after all. We all have had our crushes, teen love and thinking we found "The One!" A future where technology doesn't control their lives is impossible knowing our technology today is booming. A future where we have the perfect job, the perfect match, the perfect family and the perfect love. OMG, perfect love? IDK, kinda skeptical but still, I wanna know who i would be matched with. It is a bit of a mystery and a turn of events. I feel sorry for Xander because Cassia isn't the one who can return the same love that he can give. Ky deserves so much and for such a strong willed girl, Cassia is bettered matched to Ky. I only hope Xander can still find true love, or can he be matched again? I can't wait till the next book. I wanna know where Ally Condie is gonna take the next jouney to. Who is Cassia going to meet? Will she ever find Ky again and if they can really be together after all? Is Xander and her family still going to help her find Ky.? Will her little brother grow up, realize the turn of events in their lives and leave blame to his sister's forbidden love and his parent's will to go along with it to make his sister happy? Will we hear from Xander and his heart again? x(0_o)x got my fingers crossed for CROSSED!

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