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Monday, July 11, 2011


Wings (Wings, #1)Wings by Aprilynne Pike

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Growing up with her parents, Laurel was always homeschooled until sophomore year, the year her parents moved to Cresecent City to open a dream book store and forces Laurel into a public school. There she meets and befriends David. One day and for a week or so, Laurel finds a zitlike bump on her back which grows and grows everyday until it became the size of a base ball then bursted into a blossom. Stressing and having trouble with the secret on her back, she turns to David and eventually discovers she is somewhat a plant with real plant cells. For a while, Laurel would hide her petals under her clothes. After a visit to the forest behind her old home, and getting caught with her petals untied and spread out, she meets Tamani and there learns a bit about herself and why there is a blossom on her back. She learns not only is she not human, she is also a Fall Fairy that is the second most magical fairies in the fae world. After she returns, her and David experiments on herself from blood drops, to heartbeats and petal samples, Tamani's words aren't lies after all. When her her dad turns ill, then forced into a hospital, and Laurel's mom is forced to sell the land of the old home for the hospital bills, Laurel knows there is something awefully wrong with the situation and the realitor. David and her investigates into the realitor who gives Laurel a bad feeling and finds out that he's a fraud. After being caught snooping around the realitor's place, David and Laurel are thrown into a river to die. Afther their near death experiment, they went looking for Tamani for help and learns that the realitor and his two men and pet are all trolls, looking to steal the land her mother was selling and that the trolls wanted to invade Avalon, a magical world part of Earth for the Fae childrens. The troll realitor is attacked and escaped leaving Tamani injured but the fae folk helps Laurel's dad's illness from a toxin the troll poisened him with and a large diamond for her parents in exchange for the land to be transferred into Laurel's name. She is now the guardian of her land. Laurel learns that Tamani is her close fae friend, that they had a history, that she became a changling to carryout her duty as a fae. Though she definity has feelings for Tamani, he's just not David and she cannot leave her human world.

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