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Monday, July 11, 2011


Shadowland (The Immortals, #3)Shadowland by Alyson Noel

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Have i mentioned IM SO ANNOYED WITH EVER! She's so sure, but ALWAYS making the wrong choices. I don't know how Damen can stand her. And what's up with Jude knowing Ever's name when no where mentioned did she say her name or Damen's for that fact. Or I just missed it totally! I can't believe she would not listen to anyone but the one person who she knows is NOT to be trusted and herself as well. I wouldn't want to see my friend die but how can you go against nature and be selfish to rob her of her mundane future and send her to the shawdow world! Haven had it coming, hanging with the wrong crowd more than once and always is rescued by Ever and Damen! Ever is so arrogant, thinking just because she'd immortal she's invicible or something, never thinking first before she reacts, never lookin at the bigger picture! She's like a know-it-all suddenly and assumes she knows everything, especially about the twin's true nature, their intentions and the tattoo she assumes that whatever it is, is bad. Damen who loves her most, warns her to stay away from the book which she ignores, not to see Roman which she ignores, asks Damen for advice or anything first before she acts to it which she ignores, not to take off the crystals around her neck and yet, she ignores it! Im starting to think no matter how attractive she is described to be, she is definitely dumb in the head! But I love the suspense, even though it puts me on edge and Ever irritates the hell out of me! I just hope Ever gets smarter and wiser, which she lacks. She's the one who needs classes and training on how to use her powers. But this girl here!, makes mistakes after mistakes, and never ever consulting with Damen or asks for advice. She trusts no-one bu herself and puts everyone else in danger cause she's so dumb-founded!

OMG, next book!!!!!!!!

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